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What Are The Delaware Standard Contact Guidelines?

Posted April 19, 2022

By: Patrick J. Boyer, Esq. The Standard Contact Guidelines are guidelines that suggest provisions for contact, holidays, extracurricular activities, and incidental issues related to custody.  The guidelines are just that—guidelines—based upon assumptions that both parents are able and fit to care for the child.  Second, the guidelines are not legally binding, nor do they create a presumption of shared custody.  If your custody case goes to […]

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How Does a Child’s Marriage Affect the Custody/Support of Said Child in PA?

Posted April 11, 2022

In May of 2020, Pennsylvania became the third state to outlaw the marriage of a minor (under the age of 18) in any circumstances. It joined Delaware and New Jersey in banning this practice. As of the date of this article there are only six states that have banned the practice, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, […]

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What is an Ex Parte Order?

Posted April 6, 2022

An ex parte order is an emergency order issued upon the application of one party before the other party is afforded a chance to respond. Because these orders are only issued in emergencies without the Court hearing from both parties, the movant must demonstrate the likelihood of immediate and irreparable harm in the absence of […]

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What is a Scheduling Order?

Posted April 1, 2022

A scheduling order is an order issued by a Judge before trial that sets deadlines on when certain events in a case must occur. Often the most significant deadlines concern discovery and exchange of trial exhibits. Discovery is the process where a party can formally request information that is relevant to the case, such as […]

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Employment Law Update March 2022

Posted March 31, 2022

Both the weather and employment litigation are heating up with the arrival of March.  Check out the latest Pennsylvania wage/hour and discrimination actions Pennsylvania employers are facing below: Pennsylvania Domino’s Pizza Franchise Owner Hit with Collective Action for Alleged Wage Violations for Drivers A proposed collective action has been filed in Pennsylvania federal court on […]

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In a Property Boundary Dispute? Do Yourself a Favor: Leave Your Neighbor’s Survey Pins Alone

Posted March 30, 2022

By Matthew M. McKeon It’s 2 a.m. and you are wide awake, stewing. Today your new neighbor had your shared boundary line surveyed – from the look of the metal pins, your neighbor is claiming about two feet of land you’ve always understood to be your property. You feel the urge to get out of […]

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Is Permanent Alimony Going Away?

Posted March 29, 2022

Many states have abandoned permanent alimony, with only a few states that still award it, you may be wondering where Delaware stands on this matter.  While removing permanent alimony acts as a protection for the payee when they near retirement, at the same time, it is a major concern for the recipient who relies on […]

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The Kanye West Problem or Does shared legal custody give you a right to interfere in the other parent’s decision to allow social media accounts for a minor child?

Posted March 25, 2022

If you haven’t heard, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are going through divorce and custody proceedings. Kanye has raised the argument on Twitter, that his shared legal custody allows him to deny access to social media, specifically TikTok, for their oldest child, who is 8, while in the custody of Kim. Kim states because she […]

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Cryptocurrency in Divorce: How to Deal with Digital Assets

Posted March 24, 2022

By: Brian J. Forgue, Esquire A quickly emerging topic in the divorce world is how divorcing couples deal with cryptocurrency in equitable distribution. When dividing their marital estate, divorcing couples must value assets like cars, houses, businesses, and other personal property. Given the rise in popularity and sheer value of some cryptocurrencies, these digital assets […]

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Does My Child Have a Say in Custody?

Posted March 23, 2022

Parents often ask whether their child has a say in determining custody. In Delaware, the wishes of the child are one of eight factors the Judge must consider in determining custody. In custody cases involving very young children, the wishes of a child are rarely significant. Instead of testifying like any other witness, children are […]

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