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How do the new PA Support Guidelines Affect Your Support Order?

Posted January 18, 2022

Amount of Support Obligation On January 1, 2022, the support guidelines were amended. While a large amount of these changes involve cleaning up the language, here are some changes that are important to note. The biggest change however is that the Support Obligation is on average higher now than it was under the previous guidelines. […]

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Why Did the US Supreme Court Strike the OSHA Vaccine Mandate?

Posted January 15, 2022

Why did the US Supreme Court strike down President Biden’s attempt to enact a Vaccine Mandate to combat the spread of COVID-19 throughout the Nation’s workplaces? A review of the Vaccine Mandate Opinions from the “Conservative” Majority and “Liberal” Minority highlights the divide in the Supreme Court (and perhaps the Nation as a whole) of […]

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Is My Spouse Entitled To A Piece of My Inheritance If We Divorce?

Posted January 10, 2022

By: Brian J. Forgue, Esquire One of the most common questions I am asked by a spouse in the midst of a divorce is whether spouses are entitled to receive any portion of money or property that the other spouse inherits individually. The short answer is: it depends. The general rule in Pennsylvania is that […]

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COVID Boosters for College Students

Posted January 7, 2022

Will your son or daughter need one before returning to college this month? The COVID pandemic is far from over. Many college students have adjusted their  normal daily routines to include masks in the classroom and regular weekly COVID tests. The latest addition is schools starting to require not just vaccines, but the COVID booster […]

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What To Expect At Your Defense Medical Exam?

Posted January 4, 2022

By: Tiffany M. Shrenk, Esq. Often during the course of your personal injury case, you will be scheduled to meet with a doctor chosen or designated by the defense attorney.  This event is referred to as a “Defense Medical Exam” or an “Independent Medical Exam.”  This is the opportunity of the defense to have you […]

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Macelree Harvey, Ltd. Technology Fund For Economically Disadvantaged Children

Posted January 4, 2022

MacElree Harvey stands for diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. We believe that focusing on the children is the best way to help achieve these goals. In an ever evolving “tech” world, it is vital that all children have reliable and consistent access to computers, internet access, software and other digital tools that will help […]

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Employment Law Update December 2021

Posted December 28, 2021

2021 has been another roller coaster in the world of employment law. See where things stand at the end of the year, both nationally and in our region: Supreme Court to hear challenges to COVID-19 Vaccine mandates in early January Arguments in the lawsuits seeking to block the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for private employers […]

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MacElree Harvey to Merge with Rovito Law

Posted December 22, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the Chester County based law firm, Rovito Law, will join our firm effective December 30, 2021. With the upcoming merger we welcome Attorney Michael Rovito. Michael has experience in the areas of custody, support, alimony, property division, and divorce, and will be part of our West Chester office. Founding […]

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Child Custody In the Holiday Season

Posted December 20, 2021

By: Brian J. Forgue, Esquire The holidays are typically a time for relaxation, celebration, and spending time with loved ones. The holidays are also a time when families with minor children affected by divorce usually have to refer to their custody orders to determine with which parent or party minor children will be spending their […]

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How Can I Keep the Cost of My Divorce Down?

Posted December 15, 2021

By: Brian J. Forgue, Esquire The cost of divorce is an ever-present concern for couples ending their marriages. In Pennsylvania, divorcing couples go through a process called Equitable Distribution, where the assets and liabilities of a marriage are divided between the spouses so they can divorce and go their separate ways. For example, assets can […]

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