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Employment Law

Employment has evolved into one of the more complex and heavily regulated areas of law. MacElree Harvey’s team of employment attorneys are recognized as having the sophisticated business and legal expertise you need in virtually every aspect of the employment relationship.

MacElree Harvey does not limit its employment practice to representing either management or employees. We have seen enough to know that neither side of the management-worker relationship has the market cornered on virtue. We take some pride in our decision that, as attorneys, we do not stand up for causes, but rather we represent clients. If you are looking for an ideology, you may want to go elsewhere.

Here, you will get our candid assessment based on the law as it is. With over a hundred years of combined experience, the attorneys in our employment group are oriented to help you make sense of the legal arena and achieve sensible results for your family or business.

We excel at creating innovative strategies – and long term solutions – because we don’t take on causes; we help clients.

MacElree Harvey attorneys represent both employers and individuals concerning virtually every aspect of their relationship. This area of law has evolved to become more complex and heavily regulated. Our employment attorneys bring over a hundred years of experience in finding the best solution for our clients.

Employment Discrimination

We provide advice and representation for employees and employers in discrimination disputes including, but not limited to, claims related to race, gender, religion, age, disability, and genetic information.


Our attorneys represent both employees and employers for issues regarding workplace harassment and advise our clients about federal, state and local legislation to help ensure our clients’ lawful compliance.

Whistleblowing and Retaliation

MacElree Harvey attorneys protect the rights and interests of employees who are concerned with the legality of their employer’s actions.

Compensation, Wage and Hour Issues

Compensation disputes implicate a large, complex body of federal, state and local laws. Our experienced attorneys advise employers on these intricate practices and represent employees in class action suits regarding wage and hour issues.

Leaves of Absence

Our attorneys help employees who have been denied leaves of absence under such federal statutes as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Though these are the two most notable issues regarding leaves of absence, we are prepared to help you with any leave of absence issue that may arise.

Employment Contracts

We will negotiate employment contracts for both employees and employers including provisions dealing with benefits, severance, grounds for termination, and a host of other subjects. Our attorneys also represent employees and employers for breach of employment contracts in mediation, arbitration, and trial.

Restrictive Covenants, Non-Competes, Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality Agreements

We provide advice and representation to both employees and employers regarding the application and enforcement of restrictive covenants, non-competes, and agreements of the like. Moreover, we advise clients about the ramifications of these covenants after the employee-employer relationship has ended. Read more…

Public Policy Restrictions

We represent employers and employees in disputes resulting from workplace practices and employment contracts that violate public policy.

Affirmative Action/Diversity Training

We provide advice for employers aimed at fostering compliance with complex law which governs the ever-changing diversity of the workforce.

Employment Law Training

Our attorneys provide crucial training for the benefit of employees and employers to help navigate the complex waters of employment law.

Labor and Employee Relations Counseling

We assist employees and employers concerning virtually every aspect of the employment relationship in attempts to avoid unnecessary conflicts in the workplace. However, conflict inevitably arises and our experienced attorneys are equipped with years of experience to meet the needs of employees and employers alike.

This list is not exhaustive of all of the areas where an employment issue may arise. MacElree Harvey is ready to help you if and when they hit the doorstep of your family or business.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call the firm at 610.436.0100 or submit the contact request form.